Excavation and repair pipe relining, this is the most convenient and cost effective way of repairing damaged pipes/drains without the hassle of a complete dig up. We can line pipes from 100mm up to 900mm in size. Pipe relining is a way of repairing a pipe by inserting and inflating an epoxy or polyester based resin lining. Once the liner is in place it prevents leaking joints, ingressing treerootsand even new connections can be attached.

Connecting lateral joints are opened up with the use of specialised cutters. This technology is cost effective as it saves businesses from valuable downtime and extensive excavation. The newly relined pipe has over 50 years expectancy, it’s as good as replacing with a new pipe. Our teams can identify problems and put in place the correct course of action required.



If there’s no other way, excavation is a must

Sometimes, the need for excavation is the only way forward to repair drainage problems.   We will provide a full service from quote through to completion taking into account all environmental factors and incorporating SuD’S – Sustainable Drainage Systems.

If you are looking at incorporating SuDs, we  will visit your site free of charge to discuss. We have all the specialist knowledge required to investigate and provide the best solution for you and your building.

I have used R&R Estates for a few jobs at my home, the latest changing the front garden into extra driveway space. I love their work, very professional, lovely friendly hardworking employees. Sharon Muir

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