We've decided not to sell online as customers generally prefer to see their tree in person. Please use this site as a reference and pick up your tree from The Hit or Miss pub in Penn Street.

Pick up from: The Hit or Miss between 10am - 3pm every day from 28/11/2020 until 20/12/2020.

Nordmann Fir (Abies Nordmanniana)

Nordmann Fir (Abies Nordmanniana)


Larger trees available for delivery only on 5/6th December or 19th/20th December 2020 as bigger trees require collection from our Newbury depot.
Payment on delivery.

Enquiries 01494 716602

Nordmann Fir 8/9ft (240/270cm) £95 incl delivery

Nordmann Fir 9/10ft (270/300cm) £105 incl delivery

Nordmann Fir 10/11ft (300/350cm) £300 incl delivery

Nordmann Fir 11/12ft (350/400cm) £420 incl delivery

Nordmann Fir 12/13ft (400/450cm) £480 incl delivery

Nordmann Fir 13/14ft (450/500cm) £600 incl delivery

Nordmann Fir 14/15ft (500/550cm) £840 incl delivery

Nordmann Fir 15/16ft (550/600cm) £900 incl delivery

More information:

General Enquiries- 01494 716602 - info@rrem.co.uk

Gareth Risbridger - 07915 387751 - gareth@rrem.co.uk

Jeff Brown - 07736 279849 - jeff@rrem.co.uk

Michael Wilkins - 07771 313130 - michael@rrem.co.uk

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